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Transparent & Einfach

Boolean search and semantic search already improved the searching process for recruiters. Now multi-dimensional matching or deepmatching is the next step in candidate searching. The 8vance technology doesn’t match with single keywords. Instead, our technology matches cv-profiles with job opportunities as a whole. This results in matching on a deeper level.

Effizient & Intelligent

Since our start in 2013 we analysed millions of candidate profiles and vacancies. With big data analysis 8vance can enrich cv-data and predict which skills candidates or employees are likely to have. This makes it easier for recruiters and talent managers to find profiles with limited information in their database.

Matching & Feedback Lernen
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The 8vance technology is smart and you can make it even smarter! Your searches generate input for the deep learning system. This feedback teaches the matching system which profiles match better than others, improving the learning curve.

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