About us

“One resource we waste inordinate amounts of all the time is human talent. We are still not matching talent properly ”.

- Alain de Botton -

About Us
We are newcomers

8vance is a high-tech start-up who has developed the first deep matching platform for talents and recruiters. Our platform combines with a virtual recruitment and career assistent called AIMA (Automatic Intelligent Matching Agent) who does all the work. AIMA is based on the 8vance state-of-the-art platform matching technology. This technology matches jobs and talents better and faster.

What we want

Our ambition is to render recruitment and career development smart, social, simple, cost effective and fast. We can do this by making AIMA available to companies as well as talents and  by building a community of users and professionals. In collaboration with other projects, 8vance strives to analyse big data, to eventually be able to predict when an employee might be ready for a next career  move so that he can be contacted by a recruiter at the right moment.

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Dr. Sabrina Ziebarth

Senior Data-scientist
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Han Stoffels

CEO & Founder

Gordon Brown

Software Engineer

Andrei Avram

Technical Project Manager

Claudia da Silva Pires

Marketing & Social Media
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Peter van Marwyk

CFO & Co-Founder
cut_AMP9739b (Custom)

Lou Cremers

Computational Linguistics
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Jan Jacobs

Mathematical Lead

Florin Tomozei

Front-end developer
cut_AMP9616b (Custom)

Paul Keuren

Neural Developer
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Vivian Welten

Experience Designer/ Product Manager

Anne Winters

Account Manager

Semra Yalcin

Key Account Manager

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