Remote worker: Valued and appreciated or forgotten and ignored?

15 Feb Remote worker: Valued and appreciated or forgotten and ignored?

It sounds just perfect, doesn’t it. You find the perfect man for the job. Okay, so he lives in another part of the country and will be a remote worker. But what do you care? He is the ideal man for the job so you hire him.

So, what’s next. You think he just does his job and that’s it? Well, not quite! There’s a catch. In fact, there are dozens of catches and it’s going to be a hell of a job to keep your man aboard. Even if he’s sailing the same ship, he’s sailing it from a different location.

After all, hiring the right candidate is one thing, keeping him happy is another. He is a part of the company but in a different way. He is never really there, is he? Out of sight, out of mind? Could he become a victim of gossip, does he really know what you expect of him? Is he really a part of the company or is he ‘the guy that’s never here’?

It’s not uncommon for remote workers to feel unhappy about their job. The feel they’re being talked about behind their backs, they think projects are being changed without informing them, and the really strange thing is that they are hesitant about complaining. Which only enhances their feeling of being dissatisfied and unhappy.

A great task for you is to keep your remote worker happy. A key word in that: communication. Whether you check in on your remote worker by phone, video-chat or an actual visit is not even that important. Just make sure you communicate, ask him what bothers him, tell him what exactly you expect from him, keep him up to date to what’s going on. In other words, make him feel appreciated, make him feel a part of the company, make him feel part of the team, even when he is never actually there.

Just the one seemingly magical word: communicate!

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