We manage your data, 

so you as a recruiter

can make 

informed decisions

Matching as a Service

With Matching as a service, we link your ATS to the 8vance matching technology. You can match your candidate pool directly to your vacancies. Reduce your search time, while the quality of your matches improves. Your candidate profiles will be enriched based on big data. Your input feeds the matching engine with knowledge, so your search results will even get better over time.

We take care of your data

Link your applicant tracking system to the 8vance matching technology. You can enter vacancies and new candidates in your own ATS. Through an API your candidate data will be enriched and your vacancies will be matched automatically with your candidates.

Discover new talents with intelligent matching

Our smart technology reveals the best matching candidates from your database with your vacancies. No more unranked and endless lists, but the best matches on top.

Multi-platform search

Search in multiple commercial platforms with our matching technology. Do you have a license for a job board? We connect more and more platforms, so you can use intelligent matching to find the best candidates even faster. And you have the entire search process organized in one place.

A new candidate strategy

in the future

Increase your talent network and put candidates in the center of attention. With a company channel you will get the opportunity to directly connect with your talents.