Should you look for dedication or for passion

30 Nov Should you look for dedication or for passion

An employee who shows dedication towards his job? Well, that’s really all you should want when your on the lookout for the right man for the job. Or maybe you need even more. Maybe you should try and find somebody with real passion. Someone who gives you the gut feeling that he or she is no less than absolutely perfect for the job.

Dedication is great. Passion is even better. Or so you are tempted to think. Because even passion has its flaws. If somebody is really passionate, he or she will be tempted to do more than necessary. In fact, the employee in question will be tempted to do much, much more than what is asked of him. And that is a situation which should be avoided. Passion might make a person overzealous. And that might lead to an unhealthy situation for both employer and the passionate employee, who would really lose himself in the job. Which might in turn lead to stress, burnout and all the uncomfortable situations that are likely to follow.

Yes, dedication is fine. And passion can be great. But if you hire somebody solely because he or she is passionate about the job, that just might be a mistake. People should fit in, be part of a team, be enthousiastic, absolutely. And yes, maybe even passionate, but the job should never rule their lives. It should never become an obsession.

Look for commitment, look for ambition, look for dedication and yes, look for passion in a candidate. But offer more than a job. Offer a good atmosphere, a place in a team, offer distraction. Make sure your employees get the chance do a good job, no, a great job. But don’t let them wander off because they turn out to be too passionate. To much sometimes really is too much.

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