Job search is a changing business

11 Jan Job search is a changing business

The world is changing and it’s changing fast! Take the search for a job. Recruiters no longer work through stacks of paper in order to select a candidate. And candidates no longer scribble down their resume in order to convince a recruiter of their qualities. These situations are very twentieth century. In other words: obsolete.

And using a computer to select jobs for which to apply, or finding the right candidate? Well, in 2018 that just isn’t enough anymore. Let’s take it a step further. Better still, let’s take it a giant leap further!

Technology is becoming increasingly important in the world of recruitment. Candidates will be contacted on their mobile devices, invited for a video-chat, called directly, approached by companies. Simply because their profiles pop up on the search engines of recruiters. That is precisely the reason for candidates the make sure their presence on social media is optimized. Recruiters will be using more and more data analytics tools and it is up to the candidate to make sure they stand out from their possible competition. Be found! Be active! Show yourself!

Make sure your LinkedIn profile is in order. Make sure to have a recent version of your CV at hand on your mobile device: if you are approached by a recruiter, you can easily respond, by phone or by video-chat. If your online profile is up to date, the chances of being approached are real, with more and more recruiters using digital tools to do the searching for the right candidate for them.

The finishing touches, of course, will always be a face-to-face encounter between candidate and recruiter, but the first contact might well be instigated by digital means. A simple piece of advice: be up to date!

And be on the lookout for the most recent applications available in the world of recruitment. They might be extremely helpful. Yes, the world is changing. Rapidly!

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