Do job interviews work?

27 Feb Do job interviews work?

So you do your job interviews the traditional way. And why not? You prepare yourself, you read resumes, you check what skills your candidates have, you see what schools they studied at, check their scores, find out about their previous experiences. And with all that knowledge in the back of your head, you enter a job interview, knowing exactly what kind of skills the ideal candidate should have. And be honest, after reading all the background material, you’re probably biased as hell! You already have a fair idea of the top three candidates that exactly match the skills, educational background and experience you are looking for. And that’s how you enter a job interview, face-to-face, by videoconference, on the phone or whatever. It doesn’t really matter, does it? Lucky you. Or maybe not so lucky you!

After all, what does all this knowledge bring you? Nothing but subjective information about what a person is like, added to all the background knowledge you acquired. That confidant, handsome guy? He’s your man! That shy, seemingly indifferent young man? No, he’ll never do. That strikingly beautiful young lady? Definitely an asset to your company. That girl with the thick glasses? No, she’ll never do and besides, she’s far too shy. Think again!
In order to obtain objective information, knowledge of someone’s soft skills are essential. How does your candidate function under stressful circumstances. How does he solve a problem, compared to your top-workers that have been working for you for ages. Watch them at work. After all, if you were a soccer coach, you wouldn’t want a possible player for your team to describe how he would kick a ball, would you? You’d want to watch him kick that ball and interact with his teammates. Positive thing is that there are tools that can help you in your job interviews ‘new style’. All you have to do is find them. After that, hiring the right candidate will most certainly be less difficult, less challenging and more successful in the long run.

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