How it works

Talent scouting

The times of old fashioned headhunting and LinkedIn searching are over. AIMA searches the internet for public CV’s to find talent: we call this scouting. She will establish who has worked where for how long and which competencies have played an important role. AIMA adds competencies that are not mentioned but in line with his or her working experience. This gives you a complete overview of the best matching talent profiles from multiple social networks.

Also available as an app

Personalised campaign

8vance offers the opportunity to attract attention to your vacancy in a fast and creative manner. With just a few clicks, you turn your vacancy into a personalised landing page. This allows you to launch your own creative and efficient online campaign. Talents can register with 8vance by means of the landing page and will be immediately matched to your vacancy.

Talent deep matching

Talents can also create their own 8vance profile. We not only ask them for their CV info, but also let them take a personality test. . Because of this you know much more about your talents than with an average CV. AIMA matches these profiles deeper and better than conventional systems because AIMA matches both hard and soft skills which improves matching quality and reduces mismatches.

Video interview (available soon)

Once the suitable candidates have been found and matched, you can directly contact them, by means of a video interview within the 8vance-system. This functionality enables you to make a video call with the candidate, within a secure environment.

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