Diversity really is the thing

30 Jan Diversity really is the thing

When you look around you, what is that you see? A world that has changed over the past decades. It has changed at an increasingly augmenting speed and it has become what you probably didn’t expect twenty or thirty years ago. Well, it’s not going to change back to what it was, so it’s high time you should adapt and realize that the future of every company, large or small, is going to be based on diversity.

Not only in gender, or age, or race, or background, but in every conceivable respect. And in the end only one thing really matters: every employee should feel included and accepted. Part of the family, you might say. A sense of belonging. If the feeling isn’t right, they will pack their bags and leave.

Still, you should always try and find a certain balance when you’re hiring a new employee. Diversity shouldn’t be a goal, it should be a means for your company to perform as good as possible. So how should you go about it? Easy. And difficult at the same time. You shouldn’t be biased. Shouldn’t be prejudiced. You shouldn’t focus on a specific kind of employee, you should try and make the right choice at the right time, no matter if the candidate is male, female, black, white, gay, straight, catholic, muslim, jew, atheist, disabled, older, young or an alien from outer space for that matter! He or she must fit in the company, possibly even by being different. And qualified!

Diversity is not just a word. It certainly shouldn’t be a policy. It should be an automatic attitude towards each and every candidate that could possibly join your company. In other words, you should look further than you did in the past. Maybe the obvious candidate isn’t the candidate you need. Maybe the person you never thought about is exactly the right new colleague to keep the company going. See that blind young man in the corner over there? Maybe he’s the one. Or that lady in the wheelchair… Who knows…

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