The new way: find your candidate by using data

15 Mar The new way: find your candidate by using data

You’ve always done it this way, so why change it. No need for that. Your network is outstanding. You’ve always had a knack for knowing the right people and using them to find exactly the right candidate for the right position in the right company.

Well, that no longer goes, I’m sorry to say. Times are changing and a network will no longer do it for you. At least, not if you’re actually trying to find the manager your company is really looking for. What you need, is objective information. In a single word: data.

The traditional way of finding the right man for the job is obsolete. The infamous job-interview is a thing of the past. Some reasons for that? Well, don’t think you’re not biased, for example. And you should also realize that it is virtually impossible to assess a candidate’s soft skills just by asking questions. More and more companies pay candidates to do real work in order to observe real skills in action. Is that gorgeous young woman really the right candidate, or is she a slob. That handsome young man over there, you really thought he’d be perfect, but after seeing him at work, you wonder if he’s actually capable.

Finding data on candidates provides every single recruiter with added knowledge about candidates, knowledge that is not based on bias but on facts. It’s a perfect means to find the right candidate. No less than 69% of talent professionals think data could elevate their position. It’s quite possible that they are right.

Still, the use of data in the hiring process is not as widely used as you might hope. A survey showed that globally only 50% of all respondents say that using data is the top trend in affecting how they hire people. In France the percentage is even as low as 30%.

There is still a world to be won. Open your mind to it: use data to find the number one candidate!

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