Will automation take over HR management?

24 Oct Will automation take over HR management?

Maybe you wonder if automation will indeed take over the human factor in recruitment. The answer will be ‘yes’. It will also be ‘no’. Probably these highly ambiguous answers will spur your curiosity.

Because the answer really is both yes and no. Automation does take over a large part of recruitment. It can pinpoint which candidates will be most likely to succeed in your company. It can guide you in the right direction. It helps. But don´t let it make your decisions for you.

The human factor will always be an important one. If a candidate has a job interview with a robot, he will try and find the nearest exit and escape this lunacy. Because no matter how intelligent and well informed a machine can be, it lacks the human factor. And of course that human factor is very important indeed. Not every candidate has a background that is likely to make him the ideal employee in your company. The lack of using certain keywords in his resume will make a computer decide to take him off the list of suitable candidates. His personality and potential, however, could make him the perfect candidate for the job on offer. You will only find out about that if you can read between the lines.

Still, a computer can make a first selection. Finding the right person for the position in your company also needs a human touch. But look at it this way: if automation had not been helping you out and save you a enormous amount of time, you wouldn’t have had the time needed to find exactly the right candidate. So data and algorithms are a key factor in the recruiting process, but human intuition and instinct are equally important. A blend between the two is what you need. The right candidate is out there. It’s up to you to find him. Or her.

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