Press release: AIMA, the virtual career coach with artificial intelligence

28 Jun Press release: AIMA, the virtual career coach with artificial intelligence

High-tech start-up 8vance is developing a virtual career coach based on artificial intelligence and big data. This coach called AIMA (Automatic Intelligent Matching Agent) will be on the market as a mobile app this year. AIMA matches and finds the best new job opportunities based on your talent, skills and personality.

8vance believes that a virtual career coach is unavoidable for supporting the changes in the labor market. Certain jobs will disappear, new jobs will be created and more flexibility will be on the labor market. Generation Y change from employer more often than previous generations.

The virtual career coach AIMA matches digital CV’s with job opportunities on the internet and in her own network. She shows the user a graphical overview of all new job opportunities that match with his/her expertise and she sends a notification as soon as there is a new match. AIMA not only supports the job application process but helps shaping a lifelong career.

What makes AIMA intelligent is the self-learning matching algorithm. She learns from user feedback. She analyses the job market based on big data. Therefore she can predict when a talent is open for a new challenge. She also analyses the meaning of function names and skills using her own taxonomy. Currently she speaks 3 languages: English, Dutch and German.

8vance is using the crowdfunding platform ‘Kickstarter’ to initiate a movement towards a transparent and honest job market, where candidates can be in the lead. The Kickstarter campaign runs up to and including the 20th of July (2017) with the goal set to € 25.000.With this investment 8vance can develop the mobile app and start a talent network with AIMA. In exchange for financial support, there are various rewards, including the first exclusive version of the app, a customised game or customised job application advice. Each investment in AIMA is an investment in your own career.

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