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Talent Management


Strategic Workforce Planning

Inside the Workforce

You can now organise strategic workforce planning and support personal talent development with intelligent technology. Our service consists of an employer and an employee product.

How it works for employers

You can now organise strategic workforce planning and support personal talent development in the Workforce App.

Define your vacancies

Enter vacancies in your own HR information system. These vacancies will be matched automatically to your employees through an API.

Unique perspective on your workforce

Put your internal talents in perspective and see their match score with respect to internal positions. The result is an overview of all suitable employees, including a personal gap analysis for each position.

Enhance employability using employee data statistics

The 8vance Inside dashboard goes beyond data analytics when applied to talent management and strategic workforce planning. Get current information, at any time for your business directly at your fingertips in one place.

Optimize your human capital with data-driven decision making.

How it works for employees

A new step in a career always starts with creating an overview of all possibilities. With the personal job radar, a user knows in no time which internal functions and projects suit him/her well, which are more distant and which competences are interesting to develop.

Make a profile

Your employee makes a profile: easy with a few questions, cv upload or LinkedIn connection.

Navigate through your internal labour market

See all options in perspective. The career app shows the employee all internal positions (optional external) and the match of all these positions with his profile. The employee gets insight in which skills are interesting to develop.

Boost your career

Your employee can take his personal development to the next level with data-driven insights. He can chat with an HR adviser or job coach. Your employees get to know which educations help them in developing the skills they need.