Welcome to the 21th century

26 Sep Welcome to the 21th century

Okay, it’s obvious, and even perfectly logical that people tend to hang on to what they’ve got and to what they know. It gives one a degree of certainty in life. Something to hang on to. Something to build your future on.

If you think that is truly the case, please stop reading right now and grab a book, turn on your video or play a game of tetris. The 21th century is here!

One thing you should certainly not do, is turn your back on novelties, dismiss new developments or hang on to your strict belief that what you know is all you need. Wrong! Take job application. A simple letter with a resume is something of the past. People make short films, do presentations, try and find ways to surprise you, as a recruiter. It is time to hand the surprise back to the applicant and use the opportunities that are available.

An example: VR. Virtual Reality could be used to simulate a workspot, with co-workers all around. And a situation could be created to try and confuse a candidate, just to find out how he will react to a situation that might occur, to figure out if he can focus while being distracted by sounds or people around him. Can the candidate concentrate on things at hand? Questions that can be answered more easily than ever before.

There are more examples. There are algorithms that can be used that predict if an applicant fits a company and vice versa. Simply by asking the right questions, or observing body language while questions are being asked and answered.

If you stick to the past, there is no way you can find the candidate that your company can really benefit from. And of course the other way round. After all, a job is a bit like a marriage: to make it work, you must be made for one another. Best to find out if you are before putting a signature at the bottom of the contract!

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