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Extraordinary & Better
Automatic Intelligent Matching Agent

Time consuming searches for suitable talents belong to the past from now on. 8vance offers a virtual personal recruitment assistant (AIMA), which takes over. You only have to tell AIMA once what you are looking for and she’ll find more and better suited talents in no time. More, because AIMA searches several databases and social networks. This ensures that also talents are found not actively looking for a new job.  Better, because AIMA looks at both hard and soft skills which improves matching quality and reduces mismatches.

Unique & Transparent

Never lose your overview again. 8vance visualises all the matches found by AIMA in one unique view called the Smartview. A glance at Smartview and you see which talents are suited for your vacancy and you find the best possible matches. Inspect each talent and see why he or she is suited and what competencies may be missing.

Efficient & Simple
Finding talents was never this efficient

With just a few clicks, 8vance offers the opportunity to launch your own social media campaign, advertise vacancies on job sites and conduct video interviews. AIMA prepares a shortlist of the best matching talents to easily choose from and talk to. Before you know it, you have suitable talent at work!

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Automatic Intelligent Matching Agent
AIMA is a personal virtual
recruitment assistant.
She does almost all the work to
find perfect talents.
first step
Tell AIMA what you are looking for

Register with 8vance and fill out your company profile. Post a vacancy with the help of our wizard to create a complete job DNA.

second step
Have AIMA match

Advertise with just a few clicks on the largest worldwide network of vacancy sites and social media. AIMA looks for the best matching talents both in our own database as well as on social networks (for example LinkedIn).

third step
Direct contact

Have you found the appropriate talent? Send a message immediately and plan a video conference. Good luck!

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