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Efficient & Simple
Finding talents was never this efficient

Time consuming searches for suitable talents belong to the past from now on. 8vance offers a virtual personal recruitment assistant (AIMA), which takes over. You only have to tell AIMA once what you are looking for and she’ll find more and better suited talents in no time. More, because AIMA searches several databases and social networks. Better, because AIMA analysed and matched the candidates to your vacancy.

Unique & Transparent

AIMA find talents in various social networks. 8vance visualizes all the appropriate talents that AIMA finds in a clear overview. At a glance you see which talents are suited for your vacancy and you find the best possible matches. Inspect each talent and see why he or she is suited and what competencies may be missing.

Communicative & Creative
From vacancy to campaign

Do you want your vacancy to stand out immediately? With just a few clicks, 8vance offers the opportunity to turn your vacancy into a personalized landing page. This allows you to quickly and easily launch your own social media campaign. A perfect way to attract a lot of attention to your vacancy. Before you know it, you have suitable talent at work!

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